What’s required to board a High Risk Business Merchant?

What’s required to board a High Risk Business Merchant?

Business Documents and KYC

  • 3 months recent prior processing statements for all products intended on being processed through the merchant account (If applicable)
  • 3 months recent business bank statements. (If new business, merchant should be able to showing financial stability to support the startup/operation of the business or personal bank statements.)
  • Prior years and year-to-date business financials (Prior years audited financials required if available)
  • Website or Marketing materials (Print ads, brochures, etc.) if mail order/telephone order sales
  • If product/service being sold and not owned by merchant, reseller agreements should be provided
  • Articles of incorporation/articles of organization showing the ownership of the entity associated with the merchant account

Offer/Campaign Information

Describe the product/service being sold? How is the product/service ordered or purchased? What are the price points for the product/service?

Is the product/service being sold through a Front End or as an upsell offer? Is the product/service being cross sold with any other product/service? If yes, explain. Is there a free trial and/or auto ship program attached to the product/service? Is there recurring billing/continuity plan associated with the product/service?

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