Chargeback Security

Product Description

Set Up and Diagnostics 200 ( Card is billed right away )
Monthly System Fees 50 Per Gateway ( Billed on the 2nd of each Month )

Every business receives their own Member Login. Businesses Gateway and Transactions are put on watch and scrubbing data. The Descriptors of the business are set up on all Chargeback Security Platform Alerts to receive pre chargeback notifications. The processor is integrated with the Chargeback Management System. Chargeback Security is added to the platform bank level to receive all present and future chargebacks . The Integration and Set up takes about three to five business days.

Terms and Conditions of the Business, Return-Refund Policy , Cancellation Policy are carefully examined . Any Web Changes are advised. All possible errors are scrubbed to reduce and remove any possible Merchant Error. If the Gateway is old , Diagnostics reports are run to determine trends to mitigate fraud. Any possible friendly fraud is advised.

Select from the following Services depending on your business needs [ ( this is selected by default and can be unchecked ) ]

Chargeback Security Alerts 40 an Alert

Every time the business receives a Chargeback Security Alert , the business is informed via email. This a 24/7 real time system and the business will receive the alert the moment Cardholder files a request for information or a chargeback. Chargeback Security recommends to refund any and all transactions within 24 hours caught under the Chargeback Security Alerts System to avoid a possible chargeback.

Chargeback Representments 10 per Case

Chargeback Security team receives,process and responds to each and every chargeback received on the Merchant Gateway. Chargeback Security . Every Chargeback is processed within 7 days of the post date. The business is able to see real time processing of the chargebacks. Win -Loss Reports are Updated real time as well along with the detailed information about each case. Should the business receive any documents or notices in the mail, they are advised to scan and email the documents at

Accounting and Bookkeeping 100 per Gateway

Hire Chargeback Security to match and maintenance your daily transactions, batches and settlement ! Chargeback Security does weekly and monthly audits too . This is a great service for new business and start ups . Get Control on your Accounts today !

Verification & Qualtiy Control Services5 per Transactions

Every Order is Quality Controlled. It goes through the negative srubb and one of our chargeback analyst calls and speak with the customer. Survey/Docusign is obtained for each transaction.

Customer Service & Monitored eMail Support10 an hour

Customer Services, Quality Control, Monitored email support for the business. Per Rep Per hour Ten USD.

Company Registration Number : SL020124

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