Chargeback Reason Code 75

Chargeback Reason Code 75

Visa chargeback reason code 75 is implemented when there is a transaction listed in billing statement and customer don’t recognize it. Card brand use this code to register claim for both present and previous card transactions. One of the cause is name and location of merchant on the billing statement. If a merchant is not using same name for billing that is displayed on the store, then cardholder may think that the transaction was illegal.
There are many situations where this code applies, some of them are:

  • Customer forgot after purchasing a product from an online store
  • Card holder doesn’t recognize the transaction on the billing statement
  • Someone from the family made a purchase and didn’t inform card holder
  • Customer is looking for refund but he or she don’t want to go through traditional process.

Visa Chargeback Reason code 75 doesn’t apply:

  • When cardholder makes a claim that transaction wasn’t authorized, or it was fraudulent
  • The transaction was executed via telephone service
  • Acquirer gave evidence for the transaction
  • A pin authorized debit transaction
  • It was a passenger transport transaction or automated fuel dispenser

Responding to Visa chargeback reason code 75

  • Media Needed: A receipt with swipe. If card is not present then invoice, proof of delivery, AVS results, and CVV2 results will work.
  • Merchant Response:Provide information or documentation that will help recognize the transaction. A merchant can provide invoice, sale receipt, delivery receipt, or description of product purchased.
  • Preventing: Make sure that bill description is recognizable and accurate, and always use toll free phone number in bill description. Unlike other type of chargebacks, which require different actions and have various circumstances, Reason code 75 consist of providing information to the processor such as documentation, sales receipt, service purchased, shipping information, and more. Merchants have to ensure that documentations are legit and processor receives them before the due date. If these things aren’t kept in consideration then merchant may lose representment.

Transaction non recognition dispute are often because of bad faith by the owner of card. When it happens, processor will try to resolve the dispute, the condition is you provide all the required documents and follow procedures. If the billing descriptor is set then chances are that you won’t face this type of problem, most of the cases are because of it. In case merchant’s notice that disputes are increasing day by day, then it is better to check transaction procedures and contact processor so that your merchant account is based on the information that card holder will recognize.

Merchants should state clear policies accompanied by features that will make things easy for cardholders to resolve their issue. A merchant can anticipate questions that a cardholder may ask and provide information to speed up the resolution. Tools such as feedback forms and auto cancellation can also help merchants to get rid of chargebacks.

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