Chargeback Reduction Plan

Chargeback Reduction Plan

Chargeback Security Expert and Risk Analyst will assist merchants in creating a formidable chargeback reduction plan that will benefit the merchant’s business in accordance with card brand rules. Chargeback Security Team Members will identify the wrong business practices that led to the excessive chargebacks or fraud.

Chargebacks are analyzed based on frequency, amount, BIN, IP, Geo and reason codes. Processing Statements and trends goes through strict analyzes outlying the problem and isolate the cause. Chargeback Reduction tools and processes are educated to the business and urged to be utilized by the merchant:

● -AVS
● -CVV2
● -Negative Database
● -Velocity Screening
● – ISPY Technology
● -Chargeback Security Alerts
● -Third-party fraud Scrubbing service

Chargeback Analyst will analyze the effectiveness of the current chargeback reduction practices and work on implementing new parameters or new policies. New chargeback/fraud reduction initiatives and modifying existing tools and policies are suggested.
We will propose a more efficient strategy that will benefit merchant’s business by reducing chargebacks and maintaining them within the appropriate threshold as required by the processing bank.
The Chargeback Security Alerts, Real Time Management System and Chargeback Reduction Plan will enroll the merchant in the Chargeback Shield Platform, which will allow merchant’s to intercept chargebacks and refund them in time! Avoid a Chargeback altogether and lower the costs and risks associated with chargebacks. By creating this extensive chargeback reduction plan in document form, Chargeback Shield Platform will provide the merchant the acceptable documentation required to place the business in good standing with the processing bank within a projected time frame.

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