Why Us !

Why Us !

Merchant Stronghold is dedicated to providing high quality and best-in-class merchant services for processing and tracking the credit card transactions. As a registered MSP/ISO, we think each business has their pros and cons when they plan to start accepting electronic payments. We strive to provide unique and customized solutions for businesses to accept and process electronic payments so that businesses can concentrate on their development and growth. We also provide debit or prepaid card issuance services for corporate and private customers.

Merchant Stronghold’s vision is to provide higher-level payment processing and accounting solutions, and to keep businesses up-to-date with latest technology upgrades.

The business owners can enjoy the following services provided by Merchant Stronghold:

  1. Merchant accounts: A service that enables businesses to accept payments through card and other electronic payment methods.
  2. Virtual/Authorize terminal: Giving access to gateway API to integrate with website for the acceptance of the online payments.
  3. Payment accounts: A non-banking account for the people who look for a solution to pay their bills, transfer salary of their employees and other account practice to be done from a separate account.
  4. Loyalty and co-branded cards: The solution for the business who look for making cards as their marketing tool. These cards are the perfect solution for those brands.
  5. Payroll and in-house accounting solutions: This solution is a tailor-made account services for the companies for bookkeeping of all the expense of the company at one single place.
  6. Processing for Banks: The banks for find difficulty in handling the processing of electronic transactions, we provide technical and financial support at very low investment.

Merchant Stronghold is expanding to focus and serve merchants with the change in technology for eCommerce and mobile payment solutions so that merchant can enjoy this continually changing world of electronic payment acceptance spectrum.

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