How a strong customer support can help business to avoid chargebacks

How a strong customer support can help business to avoid chargebacks

If you are engaged in e-commerce and if you accept online payments from your customers, chances are, you can experience chargeback. In case you do not know, chargeback refers to a reversal in a payment that has been previously made. This seeks to protect buyers from unscrupulous transaction, but it can have negative impacts in your business. The good news is that there are several ways that can be promising in terms of the prevention of such occurrences. One of the most promising solutions to stop chargeback would be through having exceptional customer service, specifically through offering the support that is needed by customers.

Be Available Round-the-Clock

As a way of improving customer service, it will be good if you can be available 24/7. This means that even outside of office hours, you must be able to provide customer support. You can consider having phone lines that are available 24/7. By being able to respond quickly to the queries of your customers, it will be possible to eliminate any hesitation that can be possibly present on their end. You must be able to provide them with a channel to voice out their concerns and to be assisted in order to stop chargeback. There are instances wherein customers can make impulse purchases. After some time, they might realize that the seller can possibly be illegitimate. This is when they will request for a chargeback. On the other hand, if support is immediately available, they can be provided with the clarifications that they need, and they will be less likely to request for a reversal.

Provide Sufficient Descriptions

This will help to keep your customers to be fully-informed, and hence, will increase the possibility of being able to stop chargeback. If you are selling a specific product, as a way of providing exceptional customer support, make sure that proper descriptions are provided. For instance, inform them about the dimensions, conditions, and other specifications. When they receive the product, this will minimize the likelihood that they will be unhappy and will preventthem from requesting a chargeback. It is important to be truthful in advertising so that customers can have clear expectations about what they will be receiving from your end.

Communicate with Customers

This is another way of improving customer service for the purpose of being able to stop chargeback. Once they have placed their orders, follow-up communication will prove to be necessary on the end of your business. Inform them about the status of their orders and delivery, especially if there are any delays. This will minimize the likelihood that they will reverse the transaction. A strong customer support team will be necessary to foster better communications with customers.

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