Ways to avoid friendly frauds

Ways to avoid friendly frauds

If your business is seeing friendly frauds, then don’t wait and implement these ways to avoid friendly frauds. Less frauds means more profit for you.

You should note down ways to avoid friendly frauds, because this Information is going to save you a lot of money. A friendly fraud occurs when someone purchases a product, receives the item, and for some reason wants to report that they did not authorize the transaction. Some customers intentionally commit these frauds, and others do it accidentally. Sometimes a family member may purchase something using a credit card but doesn’t inform the owner. Another reason may be that the customer forgot about the transaction or wasn’t able to recognize it on monthly bill. There are many ways to avoid friendly frauds; here are some that business owners should keep in consideration.

  1. Save the IP information

Keep a record of IP addresses of new signups. This can be found in your merchant account; you can use this information to challenge chargebacks. It does help, consider an example: IP address of a customer belongs to a city, delivery address also belong to that city, and still customer claims that transaction wasn’t authorized. It causes suspicion back on the customer.

  1. Size of the order

When customers enter card information on your website, keep a close eye on size of the orders. You can add high security to products which are costly, this will save you a lot of money. You can concentrate your attention on orders that are around $100 or more.

  1. Customer service

Excellent customer service is your first line of defense against chargebacks. According to a research, 60% cardholders don’t contact merchants before going for chargebacks, some of them may intentionally commit fraud. Rest of the customers contact merchants and discuss the issue.

  1. Use Address Verification

You may need customer’s address verification during checkout. This will confirm that the address is valid. When customers validate their addresses during the checkout process, there will be less “product not received” complaints. Business owners should keep in consideration that it is impossible to entirely eliminate friendly frauds, but certain measures can help reduce number of chargebacks.

  1. Collect CVC Data

Request a CVC record, it is known as card verification code. There are three digits at the back of credit cards, and four on American Express cards. It can help prevent some of the friendly frauds.

  1. Friendly Fraud Protection

Some services can help lessen the impact of frauds. These are the two groups of services that can help you, first concentrate on the verification that took place at the time of sale.

The other group of services depends on combating the fraud by using information stored on your website. Many companies guarantee that if you use their certified payment program, you won’t be liable for chargeback fees. Friendly frauds are difficult to take down easily so merchants have to do their best to keep a positive profile.

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