How Can My Website be Complaint?

Businesses always ask us, what do they need to add on their website to make it payment gateway compliant? Here are some quick points:Products and Services Advertised

It’s very important that the business advertise and provide brief and fulfilling information about the products or services they advertise. The terms of sales should be clearly stated. Especially if it’s trial offer with continuity.  If it’s a product such as a Weightloss Product or Teeth Whitening – Ingredient list and product label should be clearly mentioned on the website. All products comply with the same MCC code or SIC code. Delivery date estimate should also be clearly stated.

Business Information

Businesses’ Permanent Establishment address and Customer Contact information must be clearly mentioned on the website. The Company’s name should be clearly identifiable to the customer. Here are a few things that are a mandate:

  • Full Name of legal entity;
  • Legal and Actual business address (the address should not be posted as a Picture or with just Google maps);
  • Registration number of the legal entity;
  • Contact phone number and email address and hours of operation;
  • Company contact details for Customer Support must be clearly displayed;
  • Return Address, in case of tangible goods;

Terms and Conditions and Policies

As a business you must provide Information regarding the law in each jurisdiction is provided for Customer. It is also very important that this is included in the checkout process allowing opportunity to the customer to read and accept the TnCs before the secure checkout process. A procedure regarding the return of goods must be displayed. Some of the musts on a complaint website are

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Pricings and Currency
  • Refund Policy ,Restocking Fees (If any)
  • Privacy Policy and Confidentiality disclaimer
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Return RMA Policy

Secure and Simple Check Out Process

It is very important that the business register for a valid and secure SSL certificate for their complaint website. TnCs, Pricing and Currency should the same as advertised. Statement of estimated fulfillment time of contract, shipping or handling charges and VAT must be clearly displayed. Have to have check box to acknowledge that this is recurring transaction; Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover logos. The billing descriptor (as it will appear on the customer’s statement) should be displayed as well. Some of the basic details you must collect for each transaction are-

Cardholder First and Last Name

Cardholder’s Billing Address

Cardholder’s Shipping Address

Cardholder’s Phone Number

Cardholder’s Email Address

At the end of the checkout process, you must confirm the receipt of the transaction via email to the Cardholder. The business should be PCI complaint to be able to perform and continue an ecommerce Business. Learn more about PCI Compliance in future Blogs.

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