Credit Card Processing Gateway for your Direct Marketing business

Credit Card Processing Gateway for your Direct Marketing business

Merchant Stronghold provides credit card processing gateways that are tailored for your direct marketing business. Grow your Direct Marketing business by providing multiple payment options to your customers.

Efficient Front end Systems and Credit Card Processing Gateway to integrate with Stronghold’s gateway API and be able to provide instant successful transactions is important especially for a Direct marketing System. Stronghold’s credit card processing gateway not only accepts payment, but also compiles reports so that merchants can keep records of transactions. Many companies these days promise to deliver these efficient systems, but most of them focus upon providing fancy systems rather than better security. Merchant stronghold on the other hand not only have the most secure and solid gateways available, but also close all loop holes that can harm payment system of your direct marketing business.

Rather than using physical terminals, your customers can use secure online gateways for making transactions. There are many advantages; business get daily  batch reports, multi batch reports, decline reasons , successful transactions, refunds ,  sorting last 30 days transactions, and much more. All these can be done using your personal or business computer. The Gateway also captures the IP Address and reports it in the system using the iSpyFraud Technology.

Online Payment Gateway

Our virtual gateways can make credit card processing money saving, which means your business pay less amount to process transactions. Merchant stronghold makes sure that every transaction is secure.  In order to provide better direct marketing gateways, we have set ourselves apart from our competition. We offer services that are tailored for your business – A glimpse of our methods:

  • Safe and Secure Processing: All the credit card processing transactions go through multiple secure servers means no data is stored on your business computer. This makes direct marketing processing safe and secure.
  • Customer Support: The first thing that any business should focus upon is better customer support. Our team is available to help you deal with any payment issue. You can contact us and discuss issues and they will be resolve timely so that your direct marketing business thrives.
  • eChecks: Gateway allows you to accept echecks too! Accept Credit Cards and eChecks in the same Gateway.
  • Flexible Settlement Times: The business can customize or set a certain time for the transactions to be batched out and be sent out for settlement.
  • Multiple User Access: Our direct marketing credit card processing gateways give users multiple options. Your customers get email receipts at the time of processing. This ensures that transaction is authentic and quick. All the records are kept for future references.
  • ISpyFraud Technology: ISpyFraud Technology helps to monitor and capture customers IP address at the time of the transaction. Geo Locations and IP Address helps reduce online fraud and is the first choice for a direct marketing business when it comes to accepting credit cards. Don’t let your merchant face the risks of accepting payments without adequate protection. Get in touch with our to learn more about how to help your customers guard against fraudulent transactions.

If many of your transactions are face to face, then you are not providing enough options to your customers. We can offer your customers easy and reliable options that will suit their payment method. Ever transactions made through our systems will be safe and your customers will get notification of their recent transaction. What is the best part in all this? You are paying less money and getting premium credit card processing gateway.

How to sign up for getting your merchant account? It is quick and easy! Start an online application or call one of our merchant specialists will walk you through the process. We offer various services, and based on your requirement, we will provide a payment solution that will best suite your direct marketing business.

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