Understanding the Chargeback Pre-Arbitration Process

Why You Need to Prepare for Chargeback this Christmas

During the festive season, consumer spending habits vary wildly from their usual behaviour. This erratic change of credit card usage means that it becomes much harder for standard fraud protection software to detect and prevent fraudulent credit card activity. As a business owner, this can be detrimental for your company. If a credit card was[…]


POS fоr Household Aррliаnсе Stores MCC 5722

Household appliances аrе electrical/mechanical mасhinеѕ which ассоmрliѕh ѕоmе hоuѕеhоld funсtiоnѕ, such аѕ сооking оr cleaning. Home appliances саn bе сlаѕѕifiеd intо: Mаjоr appliances, or white goods Small аррliаnсеѕ, Cоnѕumеr electronics, оr brоwn goods This diviѕiоn is аlѕо nоtiсеаblе in thе mаintеnаnсе and repair оf these kindѕ of products. Brоwn gооdѕ uѕuаllу rеԛuirе high technical knowledge[…]

The Importance of Cross-checking

The Importance of Cross-checking the Authenticity of Online Credit Card Transactions

As a result of advancements in technology, e-Commerce platforms exist that allow businesses to sell products and services on a global level. But, along with the positive aspects of selling online comes a negative factor that has the potential to lead an online business down the road to disappointing growth and lost revenue. The issue[…]

Payment Processing for Telemarketing of Travel Related Services and Vitamins

Payment Processing for Telemarketing of Travel Related Services and Vitamins

With dedicated payment processing solution, your Telemarketing of Travel related services and Vitamins (MCC 4761) will surely get a boost. You can get high quality yet flexible payment system for your business. We have design high security products that meet industry regulatory requirements for safe processing. They can keep your system flexible and scalable. Our[…]