Online Payment Services for Boat Lease and Boat Rental businesses (MCC 4457)

Online Payment Services for Boat Lease and Boat Rental businesses (MCC 4457)

Internet based shopping has made online payment quit common for Boat Leases and Boat Rentals (MCC 4457) businesses. An online payment system also known as Electronic Data Interchange can easily carry out transactions for boat reservations. Everything can be managed from one website. Merchant Stronghold has advance online systems that are designed for businesses such as boat charters. Your booking system will be open 24 hours, and you can manage it from anywhere. Our Online payment services are:

  • Easy to use and can be set up as soon as you want
  • Able to provide Rate and booking management – just click of a mouse
  • Able to increase visibility on popular search engines
  • Suitable for any type of business under MCC 4457
  • Can be integrated with your existing website or new one

Online Payment services for Boat leases and Boat rentals

Before getting started with us, you should understand four basic things about online payment systems. If you hire us for your boat lease and boat rental business, you need to know this:

  • A merchant account or bank account that will allow you to receive payments via debit or credit cards. Merchant account providers have to follow rules and regulations set by card associations. There are some processors that act as payment gateway and merchant account.
  • A payment gateway that will pass credit card information between merchant and a customer. It will also act as a bridge between payment processor and merchant. Consider it a middleman between merchant and sponsoring bank.
  • A payment processor that will handle all transactions for you. Payment processors have duty to integrate anti-fraud measures to make sure that merchant and their customers are protected from possible frauds.
  • PCI compliance so that your business is as per international standards. Payment card Industry (PCI) was created by security standards council to reduce frauds and increase security of credit card holders.

Secure payment methods

A secure payment keeps you safe from possible attacks. It is important that you have a system that makes easy for renters. You can set pricing, security deposits, and extra fees for items like wakeboards – All can be changed and managed via one website. Renters will be assured that as long as they have read all the requirement on the site, there won’t be any addition fee or features. Any unexpected money or fee won’t be charged at dock.

Merchant Stronghold Offers payment solution having multiple payment options. We also accept on demand payment options request, means you can ask us to add a payment method in your website. All the information regarding payment will be provided to customers at the time of transaction so that your business is not blamed for additional fees, and you can stay away from chargebacks.

More Flexibility for Customers

 If you are running a boat rental business and want to see more revenue of your business than you can start your business online by opening  a website and integrate the payment gateway for customer to choose between multiple payment methods. Your customer can go over the website and choose the best services and boat upon their requirements and pay for it online anytime without any delay. Your customers would have more flexibility to choose between variety of products and pay for them anytime, anywhere. There will be ease on reservation process for your customers.

Start your online Boat Rental Business Today! Contact Merchant Stronghold for more information.

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