Merchant Account is the key for Small Businesses

Merchant Account is the key for Small Businesses

You need a merchant account to succeed if you are a small business. Providing multiple payment options to your customers has proven to increases sale and offer a lot more opportunities to a Small Business.

Small business credit card processing is all about secure platform for the customers. One of the crucial steps for any business is choosing a merchant account provider. If you are running a mall then cash only approach may work, but according to research, companies may miss sale because many customers want to do online shopping. According latest research by Javelin Strategy and Research, online payments methods have out placed cash only approach.

Credit Card Acceptance: Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover

These days only few people carry cash, rests rely on credit cards. There are only four major card brands through, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. For a small business, credit card processing is incredibly important. According to a report by market watch, 60 percent of the points of sale transactions rely on debit or credit cards. Many studies have pointed that business owners who offer multiple payment methods are likely to succeed. By providing multiple payment methods, a company is likely to attract large number of customers from around the globe. Credit card payment makes purchase process secure and easy for customers, and it also helps business to keep record of sales.

Why your small business needs a merchant account?

The easiest way for small businesses to accept credit card is via merchant accounts. A merchant who want to expand business to reach wide audience require a payment gateway. Merchant accounts have tools that can accept any type of card via virtual terminal. Any business can integrate more than one payment methods on their online e-commerce site. When a merchant provider is done setting up the account, accepting credit cards becomes easier for business owners.

Merchant Stronghold is the right choice – Many merchants think that it is expensive to accept cards, but this is not always the case. Some merchant account providers such as Merchant Stronghold, A leading Payment Gateway Provider which provides competitive rates so that small businesses can succeed by offering multiple payment options to their customers.

Merchant Stronghold speak with every small business owner to explain them everything, we also guide them to handle their merchant account. There is a variety of choices offered to merchants to make it simple and secure for their customers. Merchants can access their account via mobile and other platforms. Merchants also get 24/7 customer support to keep the business running smoothly. We use latest technology to ensure merchants are happy and their business is safe from frauds. You can contact us and we will help drive your business to new heights.

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