How to Prevent and Control Chargebacks

How to Prevent and Control Chargebacks

As a merchant, you have to be fully aware of the variety of reasons why you might receive a chargeback? Also, you need to be familiar with the circumstances which follow and how to cope with them. You need to be extra careful in your transactions because the chargebacks are usually initiated by customers who have inconsistencies in their credit card statements.

But at the end of the day, it is the merchants who actually have to suffer the consequences. They are held responsible for any credit which does not get processed, if an item is not received, or if a technical problem arises.

Chargeback Expertz is here to help all the merchants from frauds and threats and help them out in the chargeback process. The team helps in finding a solution to your problem without you getting involved in the drama and focusing on your business instead.

We help the merchants in dealing with the situation and what to expect from the different notifications which they might receive from the card issuer on the request of cardholder.

Notification by Category 1

Here, the card issuer normally requests a copy of the transactions from the acquirer. Within 10 days, the acquirer has to provide a proof of the delivery of the right product in order to escape from any further legal action. This is the acquirer’s proof that no mistake has been committed on his part and problem in the transaction is due to any other reason. The document can be faxed, emailed, or scanned to the card issuer.

Notification by Category 2

If there is a retrieval request from any of the two card companies which are American Express and Discover then it is essential to respond to it within 5 days of the request. If the merchant fails to respond to the chargeback prevention notifications then it might cause a non-reversible Chargeback to merchant.

Notification by Category 3

In this case, the cardholder contacts the issuer saying that a transaction is made based on fraud. The card issuer identifies the whole situation as a fraudulent chargeback and the dispute is redirected to Ethoca to do the processing and come up with a resolution. In these circumstances, it is better for the merchant to make the refund and stop the transaction of any kind of product.

Notification by Category 4

Better Business Bureau directly sends the notification in this situation. The Chargeback Expertz come in contact and fix the issue by directly coming in contact with them. The Chargeback Expertz are expected to respond within a certain time frame and obey all the rules and regulations of the governing bodies.

Notification by Category 5

In this situation, the problem can be solved prior to the occurrence of the chargeback. When a bank or the customer request for a copy of the document then the merchant can cancel the transaction right away and give a refund. This way, the merchant is saved from the chargeback process and can complete this action within 3-5 business days.

Notification by Category 6

The Verifi True Reason Chargeback Prevention Notifications are present when it is said that the transaction has not been made through a real card. The best thing for the merchant to do in this regard is to make a refund within 72 hours in order to escape the chargeback situation. A notification is sent to the issuing bank through the Verifi CDRN. This service is licensed with only Chargeback Expertz and the merchant himself cannot do anything in this regard.

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