Get a Merchant account for Jewelry, Furniture or Electronics Businesses

Get a Merchant account for Jewelry, Furniture or Electronics Businesses

If you are running Jewelry, Furniture or Electronics business, you need a merchant account to provide suitable payment method to your customers.

Are you a Jewelry, Furniture or Electronics merchant? Looking for a merchant account? You probably have following questions: how my website can accept cards with lowest charges possible? Which company offers best service and affordable rates? How can you keep large part of your sale? For any starter, special features and better software are secondary concerns. Being able to accept credit cards at lowest rates possible is what matters most.

Online merchant account can be integrated in your business even if you don’t have impeccable reputation. Jewelry, Furniture and Electronics industries are considered as high risk businesses because of high volume of sales, frauds, and refunds. Businesses qualify for merchant accounts based on the risk they pose. It doesn’t matter which business you are running, we can provide you merchant account with benefits such as:

  • Global acceptance with premium security and reliability
  • Customized account with fraud management
  • PCI compliance and payment via mobile app
  • Account on file, instance checkout, and digital wallet
  • Global reach, localized checkout, and secure
  • In country payment and support system
  • Purchases and protection
  • Low checkout friction

Merchant account industry

In recent years, this industry has underdone changes. Many have moved towards more transparent pricing, and a rising number interchange their pricing model every now and then. Merchant account industry has also been evolved in security and fraud management. Account service providers are keeping up with the technological advances. Among many changes this industry has seen, EMV is one of the latest technology that is helping merchant account providers to deal with security issues.

Merchant Stronghold

We offer a safe and convenient online payment system that offers tools your business needs for smooth and efficient transactions. You will get many benefits including chargeback insurance and customer support. These days customer service is essential to run business successfully, and our high quality merchant accounts can provide you and your clients a platform that will be easy and convenient.

Many customers expect that your business accept credit cards. For availing this opportunity the most important thing to do is balancing the costs of accepting cards and your profit. There are some areas where you can define your own policies so that you can get rid of high fees. You must not be charged extra for maximum use. There are different types of cards such as American express and diner club and they have different charges. It depends on you whether you want these or not. If you don’t want to regret later, then make sure to choose merchant stronghold for your Jewelry, Furniture or Electronics business. We have experts that can provide you a customized platform suitable for your business.

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