Understanding the Chargeback Pre-Arbitration Process

Why You Need to Prepare for Chargeback this Christmas

During the festive season, consumer spending habits vary wildly from their usual behaviour. This erratic change of credit card usage means that it becomes much harder for standard fraud protection software to detect and prevent fraudulent credit card activity. As a business owner, this can be detrimental for your company. If a credit card was[…]

Card holder dispute Chargeback

Do you know, a card holder can challenge the transaction dispute, if decision is ruled in favor of Merchant

With advent of technology, growing usage of ecommerce by merchants to sell goods on global level. It is been observed that the people have started taking the privilege of paying through cards, as the service provided by the ecommerce websites. But, very few aspiring merchants know that a customer can ask for refund within three[…]

Knowledge is the Key

Knowledge is the Key to Fighting Credit Card Transaction Disputes

The decision to sell products online means learning new terminology, processes and technology, plus the upside and downside of running an eCommerce business. One of the first things to develop is an intimate knowledge of the credit card processing system and transaction dispute resolution. When a brick-and-mortar business accepts credit or debit card payments for[…]



The Basics of Chargeback Prevention A common problem for businesses that accept credit card transactions iѕ thе possibility оf thе cardholder attempting tо dispute thе claim. In thiѕ case уоur company’s bank will notify уоu аnd bill a chargeback fee. Thеѕе bills саn bе costly оvеr timе аnd mаinlу affect internet, phone аnd mail merchants[…]